Wednesday, July 30, 2008

SimCity Creator- Create, Enjoy, Destroy Trailer

Simcity has traditionally been a PC franchise, with only one other game(SNES I believe) ever being on consoles. This will all change this September with the release of Simcity Creator, and rather then just doing a simple traditional SimCity(like I thought they would) they have brought out a lot of really clever concepts.

Some of these include the new curvyroads that you can build with the WiiMote, or the ability to make your city into a giant array of cakes(I'm not kidding either) or an alien refuge. They also have brought out the best of the WiiMote, allowing you to use it as a way to destroy your city if you decide that you want to.
All in all, SimCity Creator looks to be the first entry in the series that I will be purchasing since 3000. And it looks like it will be well worth it.

Thanks to Gametrailers for the trailer

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