Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Life as a Darklord(Sequel) Announced For WiiWare

A sequel to the WiiWare title Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as A King was announced today during Nintendo's keynote.

My Life As A Darklord appears to feature many of the same elements as the previous game, except for the town building elements(which have not been confirmed or denied as of now). A new twist this time is that will be playing as a Darklord, and trying to destroy the world instead of save it.

You will be playing as a girl this time around, a villainess, the daughter of the Darklord(who I believe was the main antagonist in the previous game?), it also appears that this game will have some RTS elements.

My Life as a Darklord will be released later this year for WiiWare.

Arcade Games Coming To Virtual Console

Along with the plethora of other announcements today(Zelda DS, Storage Solution), Nintendo has also announced a new system for their downloadable games service, the Arcade.

The first games to come out for the Arcade will be Space Harrier(Coming Soon), Gaplus(Available Now), Star Force(Available Now), Solvalou(Coming Soon), The Tower of Druaga(Available Now), Mappy(Available Now) and of course, more will be coming in the future.

Announcement Video:

The Virtual Console family continues to grow.

The Legend Of Zelda: Spirit Tracks (DS) Announced

In a surprising turn of events Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks(tentative title) for DS today, showing off a short video(pictures below) and announcing that it would be available later this year for the DS.

The game will feature the same basic graphics styles as The Legend Of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass for the DS had. The new twist for this game is that, instead of a boat like Phantom Hourglass had, you will be using a train to maneuver around the world(see video below). It's an interesting concept, and one that could turn out to be a ton of fun come Winter 09.

Here is the official announcement trailer, shown at the press conference today.

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Announcement Trailer:

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

GDC 09: Iwata To Announce Some Stuff Tomorrow?

According to GoNintendo he will be announcing games for multiple platforms(including Virtual Console...GBC/GBA downloadable games confirmed?).

In terms of highlights coming out of this show, I’d say Nintendo’s Iwata keynote is the one that you’ll really want to watch (Jeremy will be live blogging it tomorrow morning). I thought he was just going to be talking about Motion Plus and DSi, but it turns out he’s going to be announcing quite a few new games — for Wii, Wiiware, and Virtual Console (and this won’t just be Nintendo titles, but also third party stuff). I’ve already heard about a few of them (including one that makes me all giddy…I can’t wait for tomorrow now).


Sounds like fun, and I will be bringing you all the updates as soon as I recieve them tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Rumor-GBC/GBA Games to Hit DSiWare?

Read that once more, let your head absorb the thought of it, and then cheer in happiness.

According to Nintendo announced that GBC/GBA games will be hitting DSiWare (no specific date was given, but as long as it is coming I will live with the thought). This news was announced last night during a Club Nintendo event for those who had reached Platinum level(though I don't remember getting an what gives?).

So how will the DSi hold GBA games that would take quite a large chunk of memory? It wont, an SD card will. It has been said that the DSi will be compatible with SD cards of 2GB or more, and that you will be able to play your games directly off of the SD card you saved it on, something the Wii is lacking even 2 years after its release.

The (slightly) unfortunate news out of this is that the games will be region locked, which isn't a surprise at all but for those who really wanted a Japanese game that never got to America...your probably not going to find it on DSiWare.

Also confirmed at the event was the rumored 1000 Nintendo Points for buying a DSi and logging into the DSi Shop, that's all true, and you get your $10 present in the exact way listed.

Read the Kombo article here.

Nintendo Channel Updates 3/23/09

Here are the new videos and demos that were released on the Nintendo Channel today.

–Punch-Out!! - Teaser
–Carlos Henriquez of JLCO talks and plays Wii Music
–EA SPORTS Active Info Video
–Virtual Tennis 2009 Teaser Video
–MadWorld Sports Video 3


–Pok√©mon Platinum Launch TV Spot
–Liv Tyler Plays Zelda
–GTA: Chinatown Wars Sniping Clip
–Lux-Pain Video 2
–Final Fantasy: Echoes of Time Tribes Video 2
–Gardening Mama Info Video
–Imagine Family Doctor Info Video

–Developer’s Voice - Bit.Trip Beat
–Pop ‘Em Drop ‘Em Samegame Info Video

–What is Club Nintendo?
–Digest Video

DS Demos: (Expire 03/29)
–Personal Trainer: Cooking Mac & Cheese Demo
–Monsters vs. Aliens
–TrackMania DS
–Avalon Code

I will be hopping on later to watch that Punch-Out!! Teaser and to try the Avalon Code demo.

Virtual Console/WiiWare Releases 3/23/09


Pop'Em Drop'Em SAMEGAME (Hudson Entertainment, 1-4 players, Rated E for Everyone, 500 Wii Points): SAMEGAME is a simple yet engrossing puzzle game where you must clear matching blocks in sets of two or more. Score high by clearing out more blocks at once. If you manage to clear the entire grid, you can keep on playing with a whole new layout. Getting rid of all those blocks is the key to racking up points. Adjust the difficulty level in a one-player game by trying different grid sizes and multiple colors. Up to four players can face off in any one of three multiplayer modes. "Fame Game," the most straightforward choice, is similar to the one-player version. "Shame Game" turns the tables by forcing players to go for the lowest score. "Blame Game" is a free-for-all as everyone vies for blocks on one big grid. Choose from different block styIes, background graphics and music to customize your playing experience.

Virtual Console:
Bomberman®'94 (TurboGrafx16, 1-5 players, Rated E for Everyone—Comic Mischief, 700 Wii Points): Bomberman has arrived to restore peace on the planet, which has been split into five parts by an evil hand. In addition to the nine members of the Bomber Family, the character Rooi shows up to lend a hand. Jump on the eggs that appear from destroyed soft blocks and you can ride one of five types of Rooi. Each Rooi has different special abilities—use them well and you'll ride to victory.

DETANA TWIN BEE (TurboGrafx16, 1-2 players, Rated E for Everyone—Mild Cartoon Violence, 700 Wii Points): It's the popular vertical-scrolling shooter renowned for its cute and comical world. Here come Twinbee and Winbee on a mission to save the planet from evil alien invaders. Standing in their way are six stages full of goofy enemies. Play as Twinbee in single-player mode, or team up with Winbee in two-player cooperative mode. With powerful attacks like Big Shot, or Twin Attack and Burst Attack in two-player mode, there's plenty of sting in their arsenal. Use your Shot to transform Bells into items with various effects. Stock up on these bad boys to expand your attack range and really have a blast.

Remember that Wii features parental controls that let adults manage the content their children can access. For more information about this and other Wii features, visit

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nintendo To Release New 1000,3000 Points Cards

Wii points will soon be a thing of the past, as they will be relabeled as Nintendo Points and released alongside the DSi(or perhaps slightly before). This isn't just a simple rebranding of the name though, also coming with the name change will be 2 new point values, 1,000 and 3,000.

The 2,000 point card will still exist though, and will be sold along with it's new brothers upon release of Nintendo Points.

Unfortunately the cool 5000 point card won't be in America anytime soon.

These new point cards will be sold at retail stores April 5(the same day the DSi will be released in America).

Nintendo Points will work with the DSi and Wii, but they will not be shared between the two(so if you put 2,000 in the Wii, it stays in the Wii, and you will never be able to get them too the DSi).

Nintendo Points Usage Graph: