Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Life as a Darklord(Sequel) Announced For WiiWare

A sequel to the WiiWare title Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as A King was announced today during Nintendo's keynote.

My Life As A Darklord appears to feature many of the same elements as the previous game, except for the town building elements(which have not been confirmed or denied as of now). A new twist this time is that will be playing as a Darklord, and trying to destroy the world instead of save it.

You will be playing as a girl this time around, a villainess, the daughter of the Darklord(who I believe was the main antagonist in the previous game?), it also appears that this game will have some RTS elements.

My Life as a Darklord will be released later this year for WiiWare.

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