Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Wii Channel-Digital Photo Channel

Nintendo of Japan released a press note today, revealing a new channel for the Wii. The Digital Photo Channel.

Thanks to some NeoGAF members, who translated the article, I am able to bring you a few small tidbits of info, particularly the prices of the channels features.

-Starts on July 23 (today)
-print digicam photos (using Image Intelligence) and costs 30yen per print
-Create wii photobooks for 1,575yen for one book
-create mii-based business cards (now thats kinda cool)

I don't quite get how the Wii is now able to print stuff, I assume the Image Intelligence thing is a completely different product, though I have never heard of it(please don't be Japan exclusive though, then we never get the channel).
Well, with the update to the American Wii's today, I think we may have a shot at getting this soon, or at least a feature like it.

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