Thursday, July 10, 2008

Captain Rainbow Announced For Wii-Skip Developing

Well looks like Nintendo can't hold everything under wraps until E3.
Skip, developers of the Chibi Robo series have unveiled their new Wii project...Captain Rainbow.

I'll show the trailer first, enjoy.

Odd aye? Birdo yelling at you, and a guy washing up on a beach and running around, really weird, but here is a few tidbits of info from Gonintendo.

- Nick loves ‘loud’ clothing
- Captain Rainbow uses a yo-yo in his finishing move
- Captain Rainbow is a TV show mascot, and kids aren’t tuning into the program.
- Nick travels to Mimin Island, a place where dreams are said to come true
- instead of Nick’s dreams being granted, Captain Rainbow must grant the wishes of other island inhabitants
- search the island for people to help
- the island is filled with classic Nintendo characters in-need of help (Birdo, NES Golf character, and many more)
- Nick is helped by Hikari, from the Japan-only adventure game Shin Onigashima
- Catherine: Birdo-like character
- Nick (main character) mysteriously washes ashore, only to find that he has been instilled with the powers of Captain Rainbow
- rated CERO B (Whatever that means here...)

So it seems like it is about Nick, who has a TV show that is failing. He decides to go to this island to make dreams come true(or something like that), he ends up washing ashore and finds that the islands residents need his help(classic Nintendo characters who haven't been used much), so he sets out to help.

Thats what I got out of that, looks like a good concept, and it is nice to see Nintendo putting out something new every now and then. I hope to see some more of those characters that Nintendo never uses anymore, nostalgia for sure.

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