Monday, July 21, 2008

Dead Rising Wii-More Screens

After those first few screens(found here, must have been enhanced or something), it seems Capcom is now showing Dead Rising Wii's true colors...and they aren't pretty at all.

So far, it seems like the game will be easier(numerous reports), and that the zombies will be pop-ins, simply because the Wii can't handle them(ummm...alright...). So far it seems like there are only a dozen or so zombies in each screen.
Now, from what I have heard about Dead Rising, the whole fun of the game was having hundreds of zombies chasing after you, and then slicing dozens of them up at once. Now, with zombies being pop-ins, I doubt we will be able to get that feel while playing the Wii version.

I have hope that the game will have decent controls, and maybe that will save it, but so far Dead Rising Wii looks to be a poor attempt at a port.


That last screen is embarrassing, awful.

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