Saturday, July 12, 2008

Animal Crossing And Punchout To Show At E3?

NGamer brings us the news that Animal Crossing and a new Punchout for Wii will be shown at E3 this year.
"And if all goes to plan (and our sources haven't played a mean trick on us), that hands-on coverage will be of Animal Crossing and Punch-Out!! Wii, aka Nintendo's great hopes for 2008."

Animal Crossing-This is like stating the odvious, we all know it's coming and we all pretty much figured it would be at E3, nice to see confirmation of it though. The article states that it will not be an MMO(I doubt that was ever possible), but it will feature some heavy Wi-Fi options. It also states that Animal Crossing has been done for a while, that's kinda odd...but alright.

Punch-Out!!- Interesting, nice to see Nintendo bring back an older franchise, and the Wii Remote is the perfect tool to do it. The article also says that the Balance Board will be used, interetesting, but it sounds like a good idea. Looks like people will be forgetting about Facebreaker really soon.

Two solid announcements, though I find it hard to believe that Punch-Out!! is the secret game that Nintendo has been hyping up(and it can't be Animal Crossing, that was already announced), guess we have to wait for E3 again, just a few more days left now guys!

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