Wednesday, July 16, 2008

E3 08-Konami Conference-Castlevania Judgement Detailed

Konami's Conference(happening live right now I might add), brings us a good heap of Castlevania: Judgement info, and let me be the first to say. This looks and sounds really good.

  • 14 Playable Characters(Alucard, Simon, Maria((child so far)), Dracula)
  • We will have to wait to see the rest, apparently won't be shown today
  • Obata(manga artist) will be doing the character designs
  • Subweapons are in this game as well
  • The game appears to have a story, it will take place over 1000's of years, as Dracula fights the "forces of good", someone is trying to destroy the timeline, so thats why characters from different periods are together in the game fighting.
  • Availible Fall 08
  • He wants us to think of it more as a 3D action game, then a fighter
  • NPCs can effect the outcome(I assume he means the NPCs that can interrupt a fight)
  • Great music, classic theme from Rondo is there as well

He also said that he made this game, instead of a traditional Castlevania, because he thought using the Wiimote as a whip would become tiring to fast.

On to Silent Hill now, so i'll post this up.

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