Wednesday, July 16, 2008

E3 08- Animal Crossing: City Folk Info

Straight from the Nintendo Developers Roundtable comes some little snippets of info about the recently announced Animal Crossing: City Folk.

  • Festivals like Halloween and Jingle events are returning, new events include an easter egg hunt(fun!) and a carnival
  • You can edit the back and each sleeve of your outfit, not just the front like in previous games
  • There appears to be a theatre in the city, apparently you can catch a comedy show their(updating shows perhaps?)
  • Furniture and wallpaper will be updated via WiiConnect24
  • WiiSpeak is esentially a headset for the entire room, you can all talk into it easily(sounds a ton better then a headset per person)
  • Screenshots can be saved to an SD card(more games need to use this!)

Q&A Portion

  • You will still get disconnected everytime someone leaves your town(just like Wild World), but you can do more stuff together in this game. He is sorry for not fixing this during development(apparently it's done then).
  • You can port characters from the DS version to the Wii(I don't get how this does anything...they all kinda look the same).
  • Oh, items as well can be transfered. If you don't have WiFi in your house you can transfer it to another Wii using the DS.
  • In Japan, those who don't have WiFi can download the new furniture updates at set locations(like the DS used to, I believe). Not sure if you have to lug your Wii to the store with you, hopefully the DS works for this. They want to do this in America as well.
  • No NES games(dangit!), they want you to stay within the Animal Crossing world, and apparently these don't fit in the Animal Crossing world.
  • They considered using the weather channel for the weather in the game, but they decided not too, some places would never rain, and some would. It's best to keep the seasonal parts of the game intact.

Good call on that, it never really snows here, and snow was my favorite thing in Animal Crossings past.

And so ends the Animal Crossing portion of the event. Some good little snippets of info, and I like the ability to move items between WW and CF. Nice job!

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