Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff Announced For Wii

One of the greatest football games of all time is getting another issue.

Earlier this month Tecmo announced Tecmo Bowl for the DS. I, along with many others, rejoiced at this news because...well it's freaking Tecmo Bowl! And after seeing some DS videos all I can say is that Tecmo Bowl is coming back strong.

Now however, another little surprise has surfaced. Tecmo Bowl will also be coming to the Wii in 2009 (DS version is set for 2008), and will feature a generic 32 team roster(shame EA has the NFL licence rapped up so tightly), but the teams will have heavy customization.
Other then that small bit Tecmo Bowl for Wii is just an announcement, no release date, no videos, no screens, no nothing.

But the announcement is good enough for me because now I get twice the Tecmo Bowl, and twice the fun.

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