Monday, May 5, 2008

Nintendo Powers Got A Moon

Well for those of us that have a Wii or a DS, and patrol game sites(Gamespot for me), it is more then likely that you have seen the Nintendo Power scans showing a redish moon.

< ---For those who havent. It also came with a small heading
"Can you find the clues we've hidden in the moon?".

Now my first impression of this would be Harvest Moon, it's red like a Harvest Moon(right?). But after giving some thought to that it doesn't fit well with the riddle.

So then I saw a claim stating that the hidden image was a Pokeball. I didn't think to much into that until I saw an image comparison.

Now I must admit, while that looks similar it also looks a bit to far fetched, Pokeballs aren't usually shown tilted like that.

So, after that I have seen many different theories. Some say that the upper right hand cluster looks slightly like Fox or Link, personnally I don't see that at all though.

Others think that Castlevania, Earthbound and Kid Icarus could be the secret game, as all of them feature moons in some prominent form.
Another theory(that I like) is that the moon represents Majora's Mask(possible remake?), now this is a slight far fetched right? Well a poster at Gamespot found a picture of an old Majora's Mask (ad I believe, I lost my box).
Now that looks like the moon in the picture...but a little redder then our moon.
So while this is a nice theory I am going to have to say that it is unlikely.

Others think Luigi's Mansion...but I see no grounds for that claim.
Im running out of ideas...but out of the ones that I have left I would say the Earthbound and Castlevania are probably the most likely.
Zelda and Starfox and Kid Icarus would be saved until E3, Harvest Moon isn't even out in the US yet, Pikmin is just a crazy job of connecting dots and the Pokeball theory is also a bit far fetched for me.
Now what are your theories? I would love to hear them, I'll leave you with the riddle to keep you guessing....
"Can you find the clues we've hidden in the moon?".

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beh said...

There are no strange things in the picture, I overlapped the true image with that of Nintendo Power with Paint Shop Pro and there aren't differences. The only difference is the color, the moon of Nintendo Power is red........! I think the clue is that, so the first thing that comes to mind is the italian boat participating in the America's Cup: "Luna Rossa", which translated means "Red Moon"... So, the mysterious game could be another sequel of Windwaker, or a simple boat game.