Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Rayman Raving Rabbids 3 Details Emerge

Looks like I was right about the balance board thing(though was it really that hard to predict?).
Gonintendo has posted a few bits of info, so far this sounds like an amazing party game. Might force me to go out and get Wii Fit for the balance board.
Here is the info from Gonintendo...
- Mainly supports balance board
- Over 65 new minigames
- Plot: Rabbids take over everything on television
- throughout the story, you'll play a week's worth of TV
- 8-player 'round robin' multiplayer
- balance board games designed around making some minigames easier/some more difficult
- some sort of 'sabotage' feature hinted at
- some minigames are played with your butt via balance board
- Xtreme Sports channel (wildebeest minigame - butt controlled)-
-Fashion Rabbidz minigame (poses on the balance board)
- shooting segments
- destroy movie sets
- no more FMV shooting segments
- Interactive TV commercials
- Winning player controls "TV remote" in multiplayer
- Shaking, precision, dexterity, balance, rhythm, combos, acting, and stepping minigame categories
- Rayman in more of a cameo position for this game. Focus is the Rabbids
- Custom costumes (Awesome!)
- take photos and send them
- Online leaderboards

Online leaderboards, lots of clever things, 65 mini games, balance board support...Ubisoft you better not mess this up.

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