Monday, May 26, 2008

Nintendo Set To Discontinue Original Wii?

I just had a chat with a nice guy working at Best Buy, and I asked him about a rumor I had heard, the rumor being that retailers were switching the Wii over to the "endangered list"(as I like to call it), for most retailers that means that the current item will no longer be sold in 90 days, and that it will be replaced by a newer version(Ipods do this a lot at my Best Buy).
So I asked this nice guy if he could check and see if the Wii was indeed on the "endangered list", and he does. Sure enough it was on the list, which surprised me.

So the question now is, are the current Wii's really going to be obsolete in just 3 short months?
I say no, Best Buy has likely screwed something up and listed the Wii by accident.
I would reccomend waiting until E3 atleast, 90 days puts us at about the end of August, just enough time to announce something at E3, let it sink in and then hit us over the head with it.
Another possibility is that this nice guy wasn't as nice as he let on, and he thought it would be fun to screw with me.

Just my thoughts, but it is definetly something strange, makes you think about what Nintendo really has planned for us in the near future.


Freebies4You said...

It's possible this is an indicator of the new Wii's with DVD playback capability coming.

dragonball3900 said...

Could be, I hope it is something that isn't a necessary(like DVD playback, or added memory) so I won't feel pressured to sell my current Wii in favor of the new one.