Monday, June 16, 2008

Wii System Update 3.3 Released

Nintendo is busy today! First the data features for the Nintendo Channel and a quick Dr. Mario RX update, and now the Wii gets Update 3.3.

Update 3.3 doesn't seem to do much, it allows you to place Miis in your Mii Parade(Miis that you made), this is a good storage solution for those that have filled up the Mii Plaza and don't want to delete the Miis forever. Now they can march around for the rest of their days!

I am also recieving reports that this update sets up something that will(in another update or two) render Freeloader and Trucha useless.
If you use either of those products(or any other homebrew) then I suggest that you wait a few more days before you update, at least until we know that it is safe.

Update 7:51- Twilight Hack is dead.
Update 8:35- Homebrew Channel is safe for now, it works after the update.

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