Friday, June 27, 2008

Arc Rise Fantasia Announced For Wii

A new RPG, Megaman 9 and Castlevania all on the same this is awesome.

There are very few RPGs on the Wii, and very few coming. Hopefully this will change after other developers see Arc Rise Fantasia, because it looks stellar.

The developement team consists of these men:
Producer (MMV): Hideyuki Mizutani
Development Producer (Image Epoch): Ryoei Mikage
Director (Image Epoch): Hiroyuki Kanemaru
Scenario: Takumi Miyajima
Composition/Music Director: Yasunori Mitsuda
Main Character Original Design: Kenichi Yoshida (I hear he is Eureka 7 guy?)
Roguresu Design: Shin Nagasawa

Other then that the games info is sparse, we know it is a traditional RPG, the character party size will be 3 and there will be a meter for the entire parties attacks.
There are also a bunch of scans/pictures of the game. I'll post the pictures first.

Sorry for the small size!

Now the scans, they are to big to post so here are links.

Other then some slightly jagged textures, the game looks good. The cinematic cutscenes look spectacular and the characters look cool. That castle in the first picture has me intrigued as well.

Hopefully this makes it to the states.

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