Monday, June 16, 2008

Nintendo Channel Update: Data Galore!

The Nintendo Channel recieves some love from Nintendo today, as they have released an update for the channel, allowing you to view the compiled lists of data(reccommend a title if you wish to contribute to this).
Here is a step-by-step process on how to view the data, and how to submit it...

How To Submit Data To Nintendo Channel:
This has always been there, but now that we know it actually gets used its a good idea to fill it out when you have some spare time.

  1. Log on to Wii and choose the Nintendo Channel.
  2. Wait for the channel to load and hit "To The Video List"
  3. Then hit "Find Titles For You" on the top of this screen.
  4. This should bring you to a 5 category menu. Choose the 4th option.
  5. Choose the title you wish to submit data for. A lot of titles don't appear on here for whatever reason, I noticed that everything from Nintendo is on here, along with a select few third party titles.
  6. After choosing the title you want to submit for continue on answering questions(there's about 5 in all), after thats done you can submit the data and carry on, the data will be added into the "Data Pool" and will affect the results on the games page.

How To Find The Data:

To find data from everyone who has submitted for a game head back to that drop down menu with the 5 categories.

  1. Hit either the 2nd or 3rd option. I will be using the 3rd option today.
  2. Type in the name of the title you want to find, or a part of the title. I will be searching Super Smash Bros.
  3. Find the title you want.
  4. Once on the games page scroll down until you see "What People Are Saying", it should be a small area with 3 pie charts and a "Filter Results" button. Look through the pie charts and check out what other people have been saying about the game. Did you match what the majority said? You can then filter the results between what men and women said.
  5. Scoll down just a little more to see some fun information, "Time Spent Playing/Times Played". This is a fun little area that compiles all the hours that people have played a game and how many times they have played it. For SSBB it's over 25 1/2 million hours of playtime...thats a lot! With almost 10 million times played.
    Below those two are the averages per person, another interesting tidbit.

So there you have it, the Nintendo Channel is now a data collection box, and the results are a fun little way to see what other people are playing and if a game would be good for you. Nice job with this Nintendo.

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