Thursday, June 26, 2008

Megaman 9 Revealed For WiiWare

I wish these companies would hold their announcements for E3, makes E3 that much better.

Anyway, today Capcom has announced that they are reviving the real Megaman games(not the new stuff they have been making), so Megaman 9 will be coming to WiiWare sometime this year.
We get one little image from Nintendo Power, the game has gone back to the classic NES roots, which should allow them to make the game however they want(and they shouldn't have any trouble with framerates and other graphic issues).

Along with that we get a ton of little snippets about the game, including the robot masters.
Magma Man
Galaxy Man
Jewel Man
Concrete Man
Hornet Man
Plug Man
Tornado Man
Splash Woman(that's new...)
A few other little snippets include:

  • 8-bit style was chosen to please fans (I am pleased!)
  • Dr. Wily returns
  • They hope to surpass the quality of MM2 (I hope...)
  • Rush returns
  • Difficulty will be on par with the NES games
  • Development handled by Inti Creates

It all sounds good, and considering we will be getting it for a budget price(highest on WiiWare right now is $15) we have something really good to look forward to later this year.

Great job Capcom, great job.

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