Sunday, August 17, 2008

WiiWare-Top 20 Best Sellers-Week 3

Week 3 of our weekly feature shows that Strong Bad is more popular then you would think, and that no one loves the little chickens in the world.

Numbers in parenthesis represent the games spot in the top 20 last week.

  1. Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People (--)
  2. Wild West Guns (5)
  3. My Pokemon Ranch (2)
  4. Frat Party Games-Pong Toss (1)
  5. Dr. Mario Online RX (3)
  6. Defend Your Castle (4)
  7. Final Fantasy: My Life as a King (6)
  8. TV Show King (7)
  9. Lostwinds (8)
  10. Family Table Tennis (10)
  11. Pirates: The Key of Dreams (9)
  12. Cocoto Fishing Master (11)
  13. Gyrostarr (12)
  14. SPOGS Racing (13)
  15. Block Breaker Deluxe (14)
  16. V.I.P Casino Blackjack (15)
  17. Major League Eating: The Game (16)
  18. Magnetica Twist (17)
  19. Pop (18)
  20. Toki Tori (19)

Strong Bad shot up in the rankings extremely fast, faster then any game I have seen so far on the service. It makes me wonder...does the "Most Popular" section in the WiiWare menu really show off the top sellers? I knew Strong Bad would sell well, but not that well. I suppose we will just have to wait and see what the next week brings, if My Aquarium(I believe that's the release tommorow...) shoots to the first spot I'm calling a hoax on this whole "Most Popular"=Top Sellers thing.

Toki Tori is endangered this week, with Prothea being bumped off the charts by Strong Bad. More people need to buy Toki Tori, it deserves better then this.

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