Sunday, August 3, 2008

WiiWare-Top 20 Best Sellers-Week 1

Now that WiiWare has gotten more then 20 games(21 to be exact), we have decided to launch our weekly feature, WiiWare-Top 20 Best Sellers. This will list the top 20 WiiWare games per week, and the position they were in the week before.

Since this is the first week, everyone will be listed at the same number they are at now, next week the numbers in the parenthesis will change.

Top 20 Best Sellers:

  1. Pokemon Ranch(1)
  2. Dr. Mario Online Rx(2)
  3. Defend Your Castle(3)
  4. Pong Toss-Frat Party Games(4)
  5. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as A King(5)
  6. TV Show King(6)
  7. Pirates: The Key of Dreams(7)
  8. Lostwinds(8)
  9. Cocoto Fishing Master(9)
  10. Family Table Tennis(10)
  11. Gyrostarr(11)
  12. Major League Eating: The Game(12)
  13. SPOGS Racing(13)
  14. Block Breaker Deluxe(14)
  15. V.I.P. Casino: Blackjack(15)
  16. Magnetica Twist(16)
  17. Pop(17)
  18. Toki Tori(18)
  19. Protothea(19)
  20. Critter Round-Up(20)

The only game that isn't listed is Star Soldier R, which was sadly bumped out of the top 20 sellers this week(thanks to that rotten Frat Party game).

Will tomorrow's releases(suspected to be some sort of shooting game) bump any of these games out of the list? We will see next Sunday.

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