Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Wii Game-Capucine

Now this is a weird game indeed...


Capucine is an exploration / adventure game, formulated as a tale and based on shadow and light opposition.This game takes place in a fantastic universe where everything is dead. The player controls a child who holds a “capucine”. This flower enables her to survive in this desolated world. The little girl can hand on her own life to the surroundings thanks to a beam of light she can cast from her hand. To maintain life, water will be vital. However, the player must be careful not to animate the shadows of the surrounding elements. Indeed, animated shadows will try to steal the flower in order to prevent the child from accomplishing her destiny: revive the World.The main intention is to offer a quiet and disturbing gaming experience where the player explores the surroundings and solves riddles. During the adventure, we want the player to be fascinated by the world he discovers. We also want him to become attached to the main character. The gameplay and the interface must be easy to understand but not simplistic, in order to create an optimal immersion.

Capucine is based on four fundamental principles:
- Give life rather than take it.
- A unique gameplay element: the beam of light.
- Build your own path.
- The player creates his own enemies.


Sounds like it at least has some decent ideas going for it, and I don't know if its trying to be that freaky, but those screens scare me as much as Fatal Frame does.

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