Wednesday, April 1, 2009

All New Raving Rabbids Game Headed To Wii- A Platformer...?

According to Nintendo Power it is indeed true, the rabbids are getting another Wii game...but its not a mini-game collection this time around, it's a platformer.

- action/adventure game
- Rabbids have decided they want to go home, but they don’t know where home is. For whatever reason, they decide that the Moon is their destination
- Rabbids goal is to collect enough junk to build a tower to reach the moon
- control two Rabbids at once: one sits inside a shopping cart, another pushes
- push cart into various junk to collect it
- some items require extra steps to collect
- use ‘BWAH!’ attack to scare clothing off of NPCs, then collect to add to your tower
- other items are used to give rabbids new abilities, power-ups for their cart


Anyone else find it extremely odd that all these Wii games get announced on April First?
Read the entire article here.

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