Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last Day of the Club Nintendo Year- Today!

Just a reminder to everyone who has been using Club Nintendo in the United States, the "year" ends tonight at midnight, so make sure you have registered everything you need to reach the 600 coins for Platinum Status.

The coins will not disappear at the start of a new year (July 1), but your status will be reset back to the original (nothing) status. So it is also advisable to NOT register anything else today if you have already reached Platinum Status. The coins you register past that will not add to your status, and you will not be helping yourself for the next year. So just kick back and wait til tomorrow to start registering again.

So what do you get for reaching Platinum/Gold status? Something, and that's the best I can tell you. In other countries Nintendo has given out things such as calenders, gold Wii steering wheels, classic controllers, Mario hats, and many other specialty prizes. What America will get for it's first Club Nintendo year has still yet to be seen.

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