Wednesday, May 27, 2009

No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle Details

Some more details from GoNintendo, quite a bit of good information in these short sentances.

- Travis' ranking has dropped to slot 51
- he still lives in a motel, and still loves anime and wrestling
- Santa Destroy is being remade into a tourist hot-spot, which makes it look completely different
- Bishop is having trouble with some gunmen
- Sylvia has invited Travis back to the world of the assassin
- dual-wielding beam katanas
- new character: Nathan Copeland - ranked 50th, and a fan of Travis
- new character: beam-wielding school girl that may be related to Travis
- new trailer around May 30th

Santa Destroy being remade sounds like a great idea to me, hopefully with much more going on in the city this time.

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